Login Help

We're sorry that you are having problems logging into our system. We would very much like to help you. Please review the following questions and answers. If none of them help you or you just want to get this fixed as quickly as possible, please email us.

  1. When I try and login with my account it says that my login or password are invalid. What gives?
    Chances are that your email address or password is not entered the way our database expects. Please use the Lost Password Wizard to retrieve your login and password. If this still doesn't help, please email us and we'll help you out as quickly as possible.
  2. I want to create a new user in your system but I'm confused as to what is the difference between a corporate user and an individual is.
    A corporate user is someone that will be paying directly from a company. If you are working for a company that will be purchasing one or more of our products you would select this option. If you are purchasing our products for your own personal use, please select individual. The choice allows us to better store your information and answer your questions and problems intelligently.
  3. I tried to create a new customer and it said that one or more pieces of information that I entered were already assigned to someone else in the database. What does this mean?
    Our system does a quick check of our records to make sure that you or your company haven't already registered in our system previously. It uses the email address, Name and Phone number for comparison. So if any of these items are already in the database it will present you with this error message. Please try logging in as an existing user, or using the Lost Password function to retrieve your password as you probably are already in the database. If you are sure that you're not in the database, please email us with your email address, name and phone number and we'll do our best to help you setup a new account or find your old information.
  4. How do I change my password?
    Please click on the member services icon in the top right of your browser. This will take you to the member services home page. On the left is an item called "Change Password". Click it and follow the instructions to change your password. You'll have to re-login after resetting your password.